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SCG-Solutions, LLC hosts a complete line of industrial sanitation products.  Each product consists of our proprietary formulas, making them the best products on the market.

G-LUBE-H1-4X                        CONVEYOR LUBRICANT

G-Lube-H1-4X is a highly concentrated NSF certified H1 rated (incidental contact in food contact areas) conveyor lubricant . G-Lube-H1-4X is highly active and can easily be diluted through SCG’s water proportioner system to proper lubrication solution. Using a blend of superior lubricating ingredients, inhibitors and surfactant technology, G-Lube-H1-4X wets the conveyor surface quickly and keeps it from drying out. This product also includes our proprietary technology that cleans the lines as it lubricates. G-Lube-H1-4X is hard water tolerant, eliminating water softener cost.       

  • Highly concentrated

  • Rapidly lubricates conveyor chains

  • Cleans conveyors while it lubricates

  • Helps reduce safety concerns
  • Reduces cost

FORCE-885                             CIP CAUSTIC CLEANER

Force-885 is a highly active alkaline cleaning compound formulated for fast and efficient cleaning of carbonized residues, greases, fats, oils, proteins  and other soils. It is especially effective when used on steel, stainless steel, ceramic tile, brick and unsealed wood. Primarily formulated for CIP & COP cleaning, Force-885 can be used for beer lines, smoke houses, smoke trees, and walls and floors in meat packing plants.

  • Highly concentrated

  • Removes carbonized residue and organic soils

  • Excellent for heavy duty cleaning in food processing and industrial plants

FORCE-880                     CIP FILLER BOWL CLEANER

Force-880 is a CIP filler bowl cleaner that uses the same highly active alkaline cleaning compound as our Force-885, but at a lower concentration.

BLC-61                                                    FINAL RINSE

BLC-61 is a highly concentrated, versatile acid cleaner and final rinse for food contact surfaces.  It is a low foaming cleaner/oxidizer that removes organic soils, milkstone, protein build-up, and other stains, including wild yeast. BLC-61 leaves a shine finish on stainless steel tanks after cleaning.  

SAN GUARD-61                      ONE-STEP ACID WASH

San Guard-61 is a non-toxic, non-hazardous “One-Step Acid Wash” that removes both organic and mineral soils all in one step. Use of the product leaves the food contact surface stainless steel clean. San-Guard-61 reduces water usage, energy and time!

FOAM CHLOR-830                                        CHLORINATED FOAM ALKALINE  CLEANER

Foam Chlor-830 is a high foam chlorinated alkaline cleaner for the exterior of food processing equipment and environmental surfaces.


Super Sheen LF is a highly concentrated CIP acid cleaner for the interior of food processing equipment, to clean alkaline and water scales.


Super Sheen HF is a highly concentrated acid cleaner for the exterior of food processing equipment and environmental surfaces, to clean alkaline and water scales.

DEGREASER 820                                     DEGREASER

Degreaser 820 is a concentrated blend of degreasing surfactants, water conditioners, dispersants used to remove oils and greases from mild steel equipment.

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