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Many of SCG-Solutions, LLC's industrial sanitation products are tailor made for the draft and beverage industry.  Utilizing SCGS's proprietary formula, our cleaning and sanitation products address issues that help draft and beverage companies become more streamlined and cost-effective.


Force-880D is a highly concentrated caustic non-foaming alkaline compound containing water conditioning agents, alkaline builders and a new patented surfactant.  Our surfactant offers extremely low foam, ease of handling, protein defoaming properties and the lowest surface tension of any caustic soluble surfactant.

SAN GUARD-BLC                       ONE STEP ACID WASH

San Guard-BLC is a one-step beer line cleaner concentrate that removes both organic and mineral soils all in one step. Our product can be used in place of caustic beer line cleaners.  San-Guard-BLC reduces water usage, energy and time!

TAP CLEANER-61                                      TAP SPRAY

Tap Cleaner-61 is a ready-to-use beer/soda tap spray using FDA GRAS ingredients.  Our product leaves a residual to prevent bacteria from growing back on tap surfaces, helping to maintain product freshness.

WAREWASHER-61                           ONE-STEP WASH

WareWasher-61 is a one-step wash that leaves the glasses spot-free without the need of a rinse aid.  Our product also helps eliminate scaling that occurs with the use of alkaline soaps, saving descaling cost, labor and equipment wear.

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